Our Story

             Ethical Fashion and Why You Should be a Part of the Solution Not the Problem

A year ago, I  was introduced to a weaving tradition in Guatemala. I’d been searching for textiles for a while and wanted to find the right artisans and community to work with. I came across a man named Juan in small town around the lake in Guatemala where I’d been searching.

He said he came from a long line of weavers and artisans and that he would love to show me his work. I walked up to his small little stall and was so in love with the weaving patterns they created.

I asked if I drew a pattern if they could weave it or something similar, he said yes.

I was instantly drawn to his work.

I felt inspired to help him and his family succeed in their work of preserving their ancient tradition.

Ever since, I have been learning from them and working together to create a unique handbag collection.

The Founder

 My name is Tori and I am the founder and CEO of Reveree. Our company offers a range of visually stunning and functional handbags that also contribute to the livelihood of small Guatemalan communities. I want you to be a part of this effort to empower these artisans. Reveree believes in quality. Pieces you can pass down for generations just like a cherished possession, a family heirloom.

 The problem

More than 7 million Guatemalan artisans live in poverty. They face the challenge of matching their creations to what the world needs today.


We source materials directly from native artisans. This helps to support their craft and their local community. Reveree is dedicated to empowering Guatemalan artisan through employment opportunities and exposing them to a global customer. We provide sustainable jobs for socially and economically marginalized communities while promoting entrepreneurship in the local artisan culture.

By reformulating this ancient tradition with style and design, we hope to become a key force in keeping this art form alive and continue to help it grow and evolve.

Our goal in the fashion business is to create products to love for a lifetime, while building a bridge between you the consumer and the artisan who made your handbag.

 The product

 Our Reveree weekender bags are the perfect product or gift for any globetrotter, beachgoer, or weekend traveller. All bags are one of kind and made to order. Great for any occasion, these bags are perfect for a variety of uses. These versatile products will be ideal as travel, baby bag, computer bag, every day, gym bag, and more.

We combine traditional manufacturing techniques with the most modern designs and the highest quality materials. This way we create an inspiring and functional product that accompany you on all your trips.



Our commitment

To provide a beautiful, handmade, one of kind piece just for you. Thus, you become a part of this ethically made fashion movement.

Thank you for letting Reveree be a part of your journey!
Love it. Wear it. Give back.